Astrid takes a privacy-first approach

You are the owner of your data and have complete control

You have full control of your data. You can request to delete or obtain your data at any time. Simply by contacting us.

When does Astrid listen to me?

Astrid only listens to you speaking when you give explicit consent and start a recording. You are in full control of when Astrid listens, and you can start, pause and stop at any time.

What does Astrid listen to?

By default, only your voice, not others who dial in the call. You decide and control when you want Astrid to listen. Astrid does not automatically listen without your control. Astrid does not record your camera, your contacts, or information from any other apps on your laptop.

What should I know to use Astrid for my company?

We can implement different levels of data segregation and compartmentalization for organizations. Companies that have Large Language Models can integrate with Astrid, and replace eg. OpenAI. Talk to our team to know more at

What happens to your voice recordings?

When you choose to activate Astrid, your voice is recorded on your device. It is not streamed outside until you actively signal the finishing of the session. Your voice is analyzed by Astrid proprietary systems that are securely hosted on the Google Platform. It is not sent or shared anywhere. These recordings are treated with the highest confidentiality and security. Only authorized entities can access it when most necessary. Your communication parameters and profiles are updated using an analysis of your recordings. You can request deletion or obtain your data at any time. If you stop using Astrid, we automatically delete all your data following our Data Retention Schedule.

How does Astrid analyze your data?

We analyze your voice data to assess your communication skills. Your communication profiles are built and updated. The profile contains parameters such as fluency, confidence, clarity, intelligibility, tone, storytelling etc, which are aggregated statistics. Your profile, goals that you set, and communication scorecards are combined to create your personal coaching pathway. Communication scorecards can come from your company, or from Astrid’s expert knowledge. Using Large Language Models, such as Chat GPT from OpenAI, Astrid provides you with natural language feedback. They never receive your audio files.

Interested in the full details?

Interested in the full details?

View our comprehensive privacy policy.