Astrid Voice Intelligence API

Our world class proprietary Voice Intelligence API captures, analyses and delivers personalised coaching at scale.

We simplified the most advanced AI models to make every audio count.

Algorithm blend

We use a combination of cutting edge machine learning algorithms to create an AI vocal coach fitting for the future of communication. A blend of natural language processing, reinforcement learning of human feedback and world class proprietary Automatic speech recognition to make a vocal analysis tool pushing the limits of machine learning.

Automated coaching

Vocal and lexical analysis, to coach not only what you say, but how you say it. The recording you take is run through the encrypted Astrid cloud and analysed along over 30 communication parameters looking for word usage, tone, speech speed, and frequency to assemble feedback that would be most beneficial to you.

Tailored feedback:

Astrid uses your selected goals, our complex communication parameters and your vocal and lexical analysis to create a dynamic communication profile that is unique to you, able to construct deeply personalised feedback to raise your level of communication confidence and efficiency.


Astrid utilises Large Language Models in conjunction with our dynamic communication profiles and our custom mix of NLP, ASR, and RLHF to generate personalised feedback in natural language to make the easiest automated coach you will ever use.

Level up your spoken communication today.

Level up your spoken communication today.